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Terms and Conditions

  •, aka, The Integrity Group, LLC, will not be held liable for any misrepresentation by the Seller. We urge you to be honest and only state what you know to be true. When describing your vehicle, please try to stay away from terms like "perfect", "nicest in existence", "flawless" etc.  These terms are very subjective and are hard to prove or disprove. If you don't know, play it safe or ask us.
  • You will not pay, aka. The Integrity Group, LLC any fees or commission for listing your car.  However, aka, The Integrity Group, LLC reserves the right to add a reasonable percentage to the "floor" or "bottom" price you set in order to make a commission on the sale of the car.
  • Commission is collected only after the payment for your vehicle has cleared. It is, therefore, in our best interest to sell your car quickly and for the best market price., aka, The Integrity Group, LLC reserves the right to alter our commissions.  Alteration of commissions (usually lowering our commission) is usually in instances to enhance the completion of a sale during negotiations.  
  •, aka, The Integrity Group, LLC ensures that Sellers have control of the selling price by giving final acceptance of any offer.
  •, aka, The Integrity Group, LLC handles all inquiries, price negotiations, and completes the transaction with the Buyer, freeing the Seller from any worries., aka, The Integrity Group, LLC makes no guarantees that any vehicle will sell in any given time frame. Your listing will be processed as soon as possible, but, aka, The Integrity Group, LLC makes no guarantees on a specific listing time or date.
  •, aka, The Integrity Group, LLC reserves the right to reject any submissions for any reason.
  • We ask that you keep us informed of any significant changes in the condition of the vehicle or its availability status while we market it.


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